Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Long time no chat!

Well I've been silent for the last week or so which since the start hasn't really happened but mainly it was 2 issues, John and Jute my good friends coming up to Aberdeen (Johns blogging some good stuff check it out) and also my broadband has been down for the whole time and I was pretty reluctant to blog at Uni. Anyway in other News....I had a great weekend spending time with friends and God, which really (sounds cheesy) but reminded me of who I am, I know that drawing close to God reminds us of our purpose and the ways in which he's fashioned us, also seeing John helped me remind myself of my heritage which spiritually obviously is based in Jesus but also has a home in Cornwall and a part of my growth (and its continuation) is thanks to the Gillespie Clan! Also just was stoked to be blogrolled by Brad over at 21st Century Reformation, which is a great blog, so heres a link back. Ive had loads of stuff to think about so hopefully some of it can encourage you in your adventures. Somebody said to me the other day at Uni "Oh I found your website, you have alot of time on your hands" well, to be honest thats a bit ironic as I really dont update this thing as much as the links and referrers I recieve but I set it up to keep in contact with guys in Cornwall with whats going on up here as Im in University in Aberdeen, a good few miles, (about as far as you can go in the UK, and incidently the furtherest University in the UK from my home!) But basically its emerged (ha I know you can see where this is going!) to be something where Im just commenting on my adventures in understanding my life in relation to Jesus and learning what it means to live in community and do that! Exciting stuff is moving along with that actually as Stobie and I meet with Andrew Jones tommorow to discuss some emergent discipleship models for Aberdeen. Update soon! Until then check out these great people (who incidently link me..hehe..but also write stuff that encourages this adventure Im on):
Brad - 21st Century Reformation


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