Tuesday, March 08, 2005

No Longer

Today is offically my last day as a teenager!...Tommorw I enter the 20's.....so use the comments system below to let me know what you wish you'd done before you left the teens!....and the best will be done tonight! Anyway more boring stuff is that I found a new + MSN RSS button thanks to FeedBurner Also worked out that if your on Haloscan you can set up your comments as an RSS feed and it comes in like a post everytime you get a comment so no need to go scrolling down the website anymore for comment numbers! Because of my work at Uni Ive given up on some of my reading list temporarily but Ive added books I want to read section. Tommorow, My Birthday should also mark the 3000th Visitor here so if you think its you scroll to the bottom of the page press the "Print screen" Button and send me the pic and Ill think up some awesome prize (well the awesomeness will be from my perspective) Anyway have a great day out there in Blog Land I have to run to a lecture....4HisGlory


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