Monday, March 07, 2005

Life Update

Well heres the boring posts not necessarily pre-meditated which aren't going to enrich you but may encourage you to think of some things. These are the posts which are my life, the accountability posts that Andrew Jones and I were taking about, the ones which validate or contextualise the more formal ones! Anyway so much blab, ridiculous stuff!
Spent a community weekend up at church as ever, more of the youth made decisions last night which was awesome, and Stu has written and set up "closer" a evening at his and Emelie's house to go through what that means and how to live it out. Which is really great (im dying to use another word but I cant think of it). Now Im home anyway and the week ahead is hardcore!....2 Reports lots of reading, 1 big essay and an exam for next wednesday to revise for!

Also I was thinking about nature, I dont think Ill blog about it more than the next thought so I wont promise to, but I took this photo this weekend, not anything particularly great about it, but you dont realy get these types of views in cornwall, it too hilly, but there was something barren, and very North East about it, I love the way the pylons go straight into the distance, the environment there is how I feel at home, in s a strange way I think we get outside of our houses, out of the cities and we go home, to nature, to emptiness, I was reading a book for a paper I have to write this week, it a philosophy book and it quoted this: "...the religion that languishes in crowded cities or steals shame faced to hide itself in dim churches flourishes greatly, fillinf the soul with a solemn joy. Face to face with nature on a vast hill at eventide, who does not feel himself near to the unseen." A solemn joy, a knowledge which bring contentment, its a facet of what I was talking about in "Peace that Passes all Understanding". Anyway other than that, Im back to city living for 2 weeks now, as next weekend it seems like im going down to Dunfermline for a Fusion Weekend, which should be pretty cool, some good people speaking and some good friends going! So Im off now for a well over due shower and then working hard in the library.


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