Thursday, March 10, 2005

My 20th in retrospect

Well my Birthday yesterday was really a great day for me....(life is dandy when your world can be small for a day, self indulgent?..probably)
Yesterday turned into a great birthday, I got a really great collection of cards signed from guys from church in cornwall, a some really great notes, letters and essays within cards from people today and yesterday, feeling loved is a good feeling!... ...but yesterday started with a lie in and skipping lectures ooops!...but the I had lunch with Claire (whose bithday it is tommorow!) and my first gift of the day a creme egg which was used a great dessert to lunch...
then I went off for a not so great football match, reminding me I definatly didnt grow up on football like everyone else who seemed to be playing, I let in some terrible goals to the great displeaure of my team mates, unfortunatly I wasnt taking quite as seriously as them and had a wee chuckle when they went in...not advised to anybody else who decides to play football for fun, that concept just dosent exist in scotland!....but anyway I redeemed myself if only slightly with 3 cracking saves in desperation at the end of the match.
From there I went to SOUL but check out my other post for the lo-down on that!... After Football I went to do some washing, Oh the fun of becoming 20, and then ended up having Pizza and watching the Village a film with a great twist in which is one of my favourites from ther last year and was even sweeter the 4th with Craig and Hannah.
After that I was quite tired @ 9ish and had planned to go to the bobbin (the local student pub) for a quiet drink with my friend Ben who was watching the football in there. I got in and we watched the very last part of the footy and he said lets pop back to mine for a quiet drink, I wasnt really up for it coz I was thinking of texting him before I got into the pub anyway to say I was just going to get an early night, feeling Id had an impressivly sensible 20th birthday and was content in my maturity. When we got close to his house I said "lets go over to the Pittodrie (an old man pub we'd gone for a chat and defrag the same time the week before) but he insisted he wanted to drop some stuff off in his flat, anyway to cut the long story short I got in there and a bunch of guys jumped out on me for some contorted but fun birthday party, where Graham played me my favourite un-owned album all night and Ben scarily danced, Dave rambunctiously jumped on me, Frazer joked, Ross and Phil laughed with me about Family Guy, so all in all it was a great night, and I felt real blessed to have such great friends after being up here for only 5/6 months.
So there it Birthday, here comes the 20's I Pray it'll be a decade of Action in my life in response to the Cross and the continual learning of what that demands as a response from my life...
note of credit Andrew did a great little photo blog the other day which inspired the look of this one, but I set this one apart with black and white film grain filters, you've got to love Adobe Photoshop anyway hope you enjoyed!...


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