Monday, March 14, 2005

Im Back (Weekend Update)

Yep returned from my travellings for the weekend... ..Short update - Crazy week this week, with an exam on Wednesday (feel free 2 pray, I will be!) - Big Essay - Course Project to get on with The Weekend was great..we spent an day and an evening with guys from Fusion, I had some interesting convo's and great teaching from Rodger Ellis who leads the Revs stuff down in Chichester (ill be blogging when I have time or a heart surge about some awesome revelation that came up through this). Also heard about vacancy in One Hundred Hours in Sept for a Bass Player (tempting but a pipe dream really). It was also great just to chill with some other students, hear their vision and see old friends like Colin Hewitt, Joy and Christa Lyth. Edinburgh Ive decided, though a beautiful city runs on its own time zone as we missed 2 busses home!...can you believe it. Church on Sunday, rockin' as ever, great friends to chill and live life with.


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