Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sacrifice and Vision

Well Ive been getting more and more excited about my vision for next year and I think the 75% option of me moving up to St Combs is moving toward the 90% and the 10% is the unlikely event of a herd of buffalo running me down before such a time of me moving! If your wondering what Im talking about check out my vision for the next year. I went up to Church tonight, and am feeling even more peaceful about, well peaceful not maybe the right word but I am excited at the prospect of moving up. Forbes talked tonight about Genesis 22 where God calls to Abraham to offer his only son, I was as ever blown away by this story, and challenged. I know moving to St Combs will make my degree a little harder, well maybe even alot harder, but I know that something resonates in me about commiting to the church in seeing awesome things happen there and God was calling me to offer up what I consider to be my treasured thing (getting my degree) in the hope that he will offer it back, but just the willingness for him to take it away. So tonight I offered it up, knowing that he may call me to sacrifice how much I could give to this degree, which is humbling but I know that whatever God calls me to it will be the best in a way I could never have orchestrated. Things even within a day are exciting me for next year, for the sake of Integrity I cant say anything yet but there are many pieces on Gods chess board and I have the honour of being able to see some of them move in great places.


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