Monday, March 21, 2005

The Spread of Our Community

Read this on my RSS throught Planet Emergent today, Its absolutly crazy!! Brians Baunte comments on Jonny Bakers World Stats, what a web!!...check it out here Its a pull from Jonny Bakers Blog - Heres the original post "At the beginning of the 20th century 75% of the world’s Christians were in Europe and America. At the beginning of the 21st century 60% of the world’s Christians were in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In other words the heartlands of the Christian faith have dramatically shifted. In large part that is due to people who responded to the challenge of mission and dared to cross cultures to share Christ with others. We are probably all aware of the mistakes, the blind spots, the embarrassingly Western clothes in which the gospel was shared at times and the legacy that is still being worked through because of that colonial past. But by the grace of God the church has emerged in amazing ways round the world in the last hundred years. " Jonny Baker I have not much to say on it really apart from I am "energized by it like Brian Baute, of which this was my first visit to his blog but love the title "Relentless Grace - Grace Makes Beauty Out of Ugly Things" We have much to learn from our brothers and sisters in Asia, Africa, and Latin America as the gospel is incarnated in those cultures. And we in the West need the humility to follow these leaders on other continents and of other (non-white) cultures and races. Brian Baute


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