Wednesday, March 23, 2005

On a Lighter Note

Ive decided, Kurt Cobain didnt die, yes Ive jumped in with the conspiracy theorists..... This evening Ive been listening to some of the Greatest Hits Album by Nirvana in another attempt to revive my adolescence (see skating) Anyway back to my Consipiracy theory..Kurt Cobain became a Worship Leader!!...Yep as I was listening to those dulcit tones, whole songs with only 2 Chords in them (G and D I suspect, with the Eminor for the Chorus) I thought...busted Kurt Cobain swapped Identities and became a Christian Celeb. Think about it- - Cant play Guitar - Struggles to stay on the key when singing - Runs off and leaves his band members stranded - Has an annoying other half - Loads of adoring teenage girls The Evidence is all there. (im sure he'll be turning in his hypothetical grave, well its kind of a Nietzche is Dead thing)


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