Friday, March 25, 2005

Playing around with Photoshop

Ive been mucking about with photoshop trying to learn how to use it and put some different slants, and effects on some of my photos...check them out here Ive been photo crazy just recently!...see my photo blog, flickr Gallery and slideshow, and my old photo album. Ive been having a look around at photoblogs recently and there is some incredible stuff going on.. For example check out this flickr slideshow based on "transparent screens" basically where someone takes a photo of whats behind there laptop and uses it as the background to try and make it look like its see through check out these AMAZING examples Here are some of my picks of individual photos from my favourite Photobloggies finalists: Orbit 1 Chromasia Chromagenic Pixel Prints No Traces Durham Township Dont think I can take such awesome photos which an auto focus digi cam but I would recommend Canon in general, great products and great customer service.


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