Thursday, April 14, 2005

Please excuse a few rants

Here Goes
  • Well I finally cracked on with a bit of work, but to be honest I havent done as much as Id like, mmmm I bet your tired of hearing that on here. But I was mainly distracted by the fact I left the Interviews somewhat the back bone of my paper 50 miles away and pretty much unattainable. Which means I have to write the rest around it, until I get there and have to write it on an old unstable laptop.
  • Ive been thinking today about investments, this always happens when Im skint and waiting for my student loan...I would love to upgrade to typepad but as my technorati rating (small as it is) and so much other stuff is linked to the blogspot despite my constant attempts to route people through
  • Oh yep while on that I think because its fairly cheap and would be cool that Ill rent later this year when I need to renew
  • Flickr is another great tool which I am very impressed with just because of its user friendliness...check it out, I would definatly like to upgrade to a premium flickr account!
  • I also need to get a contract phone pretty bad as I just keep spending stupid amounts like off peak yesterday spending £6 on a 16 minuite call to John on the same network!...Crazy money wanting things!
  • Also need to logisticize getting back to cornwall for 3 weeks for my mums wedding and general south west social treatment so I dont start growing ginger hair and wearing kilts coz Ive spent too long in scotland, hehe only joking. But its turning out to be a real pain in the derriere to find flights where I dont have to commute across London to get home.
  • I got a wedding invite from a great friend who Im very excited about getting married but its down in nottingham in august
  • Im waiting still for my student loan so I can pay for CLAN Gathering (I put in the Gathering part just for Rick!) and the subsequent flat expense.
  • Thinking about travel to and from Uni when I move up to st combs, really praying that God will provide funds for that...and a job otherwise financially I could get done over pretty quick
  • My mum getting married now means that her partners savings, and wages getting counted when the government give me my loan, so they will take off a little no doubt but the biggest loss will be my £1000 a year grant.Rants Over

Just Now Im Kings of Leon


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