Tuesday, April 26, 2005


A few years back my good friend Miriam gave me a journal, its one of the best presents I received, because I just archived my thoughts as I went around, and even being blogger.... ....Paper Journals are great because, you can use it anywhere, on trains, busses, in church services and not look very geeky, like those guys at Uni who use laptops, there either too rich, or geeky and your typing annoys me!..(hows that for a grace filled attitude!) Anyway back on subject, I lost it at some completly unknown event, so now theres some person reading through my thoughts and experiences, thats scary but fortunatly Im not the kind of Today I..... kind of journaller, I normally write stuff that inspires me, or speaks to me like a scriptrue, sermon point, cool advert tag or something I think God is saying to me. Ive tried to get back into journalling after the loss of the original and very cool journal but it hasnt really happened beause I was just using crappy lined book from WH etc. So I decided with the current excitements at church, in my life and at Uni (mmm...nothing like platonic separation!) and the fact that looking back on what God has done is a great excercise I went out and picked me up a brand new spanking journal!....A Moleskine, it was between these 2 choices (Moleskine or PaperBlanks for anyone who is looking for muchos coolos journals) So here it is, the start of a good thing I hope. Other Stuff you could read I liked this over at World of Sven: Pope Calvin Listening to Radiohead - Where I end and you begin My Verse of the Moment


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