Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Clinging to the Cross

Cross on the field behind Church in Cornwall Originally uploaded by Byrnesyliam. taken by John Wilson Gillespie

Today I am spent....with everything happening with the Germans which kind of took its toll more than I thought it had, my endless struggle with this project and then finally getting my paper on the trinity handed back today as a fail, it seems so small but to be transparent it kills me, failure is hard, because I put my hands up and admit I rely on the things of the world to tell me who I am too much, and dont look at the creator, the one whose image I bear.... .....and this picture is summing it up right now, when it all falls away, all the Uni work all my inadequacies, short falls, and my issues, when all my hopes and dreams are on the floor, when my mind is dragged into a reality it dosen't want to acknowledge, this picture sums my mind up... in a grass cut field everything strippped away in awe of his beauty, mystified by his prescence but clinging on to the cross, knowing that is the only unchanging thing. Its difficult to be this transparent...


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