Monday, April 18, 2005

Pope Decision Making Time

They have begun Pope decision making time (PDMT for short!) (I feel like theres a good name for it but I think this one is just way to catchy!) I was just reading a post by TSK on if the Vatican went emergent, and I thought I wonder how the decision would be made church stream traditions but I feel maybe I would get more tuts than laughs but for those of you who would have liked to see I have decided to run with it....but in fact I have to work Ive resoluted but if you can think of anymore or any funnier edits to my ones add them in the comments and Ill compile a list at a later good humoured though, not offensive..comment away!
- If Evangelicals where choosing the pope, they would find the name most mentioned in the bible and elect someone called that
- If Charasmatics where choosing the pope, they would hold endless prayer meetings but then not decide and split the church
- If emergents had a roundtable on the pope, they would discuss for ages then get stuck on the definition of post modernism
- If the Bretheren Church where choosing the pope, it would be the guy with the most money but definitly not a Woman!
Disclaimer: Please before getting offended or posting angry comments muse this, 1)I the some point in my life and maybe even now (wouldn you like to know!) have been happy to affiliate myself with at least 3 of those labels in my life 2) The ability to laugh at oneself sometimes is a good thing 3) I dont think its very biblical to be offended, to stand for injustice, to stand up for whats to be right, yes but to be offended, please re-educate me though if you believe the opposite to be the case
I think also though Andrew mades a good point on the office of the pope....
"The question that runs through my head, is this: Do they really need to have a new Pope? We don't have a Pope right now and no one is running scared."
although the individuals eg John Paul (the previous one) have done much good eg. see the latest, with Communism etc but a person holding an office which is infallable? Dosent quite sit right for me. Do I have this famous Catholic belief wrong...please let me know!...comment!
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