Monday, April 18, 2005

Old Friends and Big time Blessings

Well you've gotta love the Blogosphere, loads of great info, comment and crap...but one thing which is not crap is the very cool blog of Sparticus, a guy who I worked with in Re:pose about well 4 years ago now...
Click Here to Continue Reading "Old Friends and Big time Blessings" ...and Ive seen him a few times at later SS events stewarding away while Im locked away in the Lift Skatepark!...anyway I was on my Flickr photos and decided to search for anyone else who had tagged their photos with Soul in the City and there he was a Pro member even!...anyway he own his cool blog over at which loads a new theme everytime you refresh, I bow in awe! I also got some mail today on signed delivery which inside just had a blank piece of paper and £40, I was stoked so if the person who sent it reads the blog, then thanks a bunch you blessed me a load, I went shopping for the next few weeks today and I just aquisitioned so soon enough you feel free to link me from there if you so choose! UPDATE: I just Photoblogged some artsy stuff from coming back from the hospital today check it out Heres another photoshop edit painting of me paying the guitar in morocco

guitaron Just Now Im Bloc Party JK


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