Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Please Pray for..

Some Friends of mine who live in the flat upstairs are exchange students from Germany, they are a great bunch of girls who have just finished their dissertations... ...today 2 of them came to my door very upset so it was unclear on the details but it seems that the other girls younger sister has been hit by a car back in Germany, they are all flying back tommorow, they had to go and hand in their dissertations in a rush and asked that I would be avaliable for Daniela to speak to while they had gone out, Daniela didnt come to see me, but I dont blame her to be honest, I dont think I would have wanted to either... ...but could you please pray for Daniela in particular whose sister it is, and her family that they will know peace, Daniela apparently is extremely upset and has been put on medication, I can hardly imagine what they are going through, but Jesus thankfully does. Please pray that her family are in a state enough to comfort her when she returns and that for any small part I have to play that I will be a good friend, and a faithful follower of Jesus. Update: It seem Daniela's 5 year old sister was run over by a towed car, they are in a real panic to get their thesis in, and they leave for Germany at 5am tommorow please continue to keep them in your prayers. UPDATE 2 (20/04/05): Daniela's sister was killed instantly, the girls all left this morning, please continue to pray for Daniela and her family.


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