Friday, April 22, 2005


Its live, go check it out, its basically a very busy link to the Blog, but in the theme of my life at the moment, Ive been up all night!! Man I couldn't believe it when it got light!....but I was learning JavaScript (well bits of it) to make the intro page, it just started as a bit of fun at 11pmish then I just wanted to finish it, so by the time I did I had learnt stuff I wanted to write a Blog template. I finished my huge essay yesterday, so I gave myself the night off, I suppose the intelligent thing to do would to have been to have a restful night.... Something tells me Ill suffer for this indulgence! PS The Intro is currently hosted on Geocities, but if any of you know a Free host that dosent put big ads up let me know, I feel my work needs to be appreictaed in its purest form, hehe...enjoy


Blogger Sven said...

Nice website, love the intro page :0


4/23/2005 01:22:00 am  

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