Friday, April 22, 2005

Wheres the Blog gone, If I wanted Google I would have gone there!

Erm, yep well that might be my fault, the reason basically is that I found this cool Blog template, got inspired to make a Google like logo for the Blog and the got a little carried away! So this will be the look of my blog for about a week or until I get sick of it (I dont think itll be too long, especially as I just cleaned up and added features on the old layout) Anyway it was my childhood dream (yup I was a geek) to run Yahoo! or Google etc, so Im livin out that dream. It may also be something to do with the last time I was in my bed was 7am GMT on Wednesday! Dont ask me why but if you want to see the spoils of that labour goto my new domain But Before you run away in despair at the usability of the new layout, for a second remember that time when you were the only one who wanted change somewhere and everyone else liked it becuase its the way they always had done get my point?? Also to bring your Attention to my hard work, check out the following - The Search Fields actually work!... - The Byrnesy google like logo, with bevel, drop shadow and TM marks! - The original Google links Ive made relevant to the site so for a couple of examples Images is my Flickr photos, and News is Andrew Jones, because everyone knows hes the closest thing to the BBC in the Blogosphere! Anyway click around there are plenty of hidden surprises and links. The Disclaimer (cor I feel like all I ever do is write these!): And finally to apologise....I am tired and when Im tired I become a little crazily focussed on ridiculous things like this, not doubt after some good sleep and my medication I will regret the hours I plowed into this!


Anonymous A said...

Liam, I just have to say, you make me smile when I read your blog. That's a good thing. :)
Peace my celtic brother.

4/22/2005 09:24:00 pm  

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