Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Counting those small but important blessings

Well some good but simple advice Ive picked up over the last year is when things get on top of you, like the fact A4 pieces of paper wont go into plastic wallets properly (polly pockets!) then count your blessings. So today Im thankful for: I get to choose to study the reformation or Romans 4 today and not Politics We have a local shop that buys in our favourite ice creams just for us! - By the way heres my vote for great ice cream of all time: The Maxibon 9999 00482656

Snow and seasons

Uk Summary 06022812Well we've got some serious snow today!....I guess aboout 3 inches at least, at any rate our road still hasnt been gritted so I didnt go to Uni today and Im trying to get some work done beforeI try and get up to church. I havent seen this much snow in at least a year, so its cool, but I really want some good snowboarding trousers to go wiith my sweet jacket as I think thats my area of weakness right now. I dont really live in my head in "seasons" like many people mention but at the moment everything seems to be changing for people around me, people dying, relationships dying, and constructs that Im used to. I hope I havent become too comfortable to be ready for a change closer to home. So Lord as is snows around me, keep me trusting you that you watch over me and the people I love and teach me how to glorify you with my life more and more. Listening to My Oh My - David Gray (an Old favourite

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Jo Mango Gig in Aberdeen

Red-Jo-Live-3 000Jo Mango is playing the tunnels in Aberdeen on the 26th of March. I saw her play at CLAN this year, and she was pretty good, then some friends had her CD Antidote and I wished I had gotten into it before the gig, this gig seems to be on a sunday, which is a shame as I probably wont make it, gutting Oh well. But if your in the area I definatly recommend it for some thoughtful but accesible tunes. "Jo Mango is definitely one exotic fruit to seek out" -The Scotsman “Compellingly beautiful...a Scottish artist destined for bigger things... **** ” - The List "She had the hundreds gathered mesmerised by her haunting voice" -The Evening Times “ ...the crowd were completely captivated... What a voice! Jo displays a range and control most pop divas would kill for. **** ” - Ben Spencer, Sunday Mail Heres her website http://www.jomango.co.uk/ Shes also playing edinburgh and glasgow on the dates around that so if your near there then check out the gigs section of her website

MacBook Pro: First day, first Lab tests

These days being an avid Appleowner (iBook G4) I have fallen into the world of apple technology love. Yes Ive got a whole folder of RSS feeds that are tracking the Mac World (no pun intended) seeing what the new iPod looks like etc. Anyway being but a humble iBook user, with an aspiration to be a powerbook user, the new Macbook Pro is my new elixir. If you cant be bothered to read the whole story here are what I see as the main points - MacBook Pro works just like any Mac, and a good deal of programs run on its intel based prcessor, Rosetta conversion software does the job for all the rest until all the software becomes converted - No 12" Version yet - Mag safe power cable seemsto be a great idea, intelligently realising when its connected to the MacBook and releasing its magnetic seal when the cable takes a fierce pull, eg someone tripping over it, which it seems in the past has been the end of many an apple portable, though not me fortunatly - It seems to heat up much in the sameway as the powerbook - Remote control and Front Row are now regulars on G5 systems So thats that....we can only dream ;) Macworld: First Look: MacBook Pro: First day, first Lab tests

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Blog Titles

Well Ive been playing around with photoshop, and have come up with a new title (see above) its got a couple of influences, the background is from the new sony bravia advert which has the Jose Gonzales Song that I blogged about before. The text is kind of influenced from the bloc party album front cover Anyway, I photoshopped a few of the balls to show over the text...so I looked back over the titles, over the last 3 years Ive had about 18 titles, they've definatly had a different feels to them. Anyway I thought Id upload them and mention something about them as some of them took quite a bit of time- byrnesylogo17 byrnesylogo18This one had a quote on it for Napolean Dynamite with a crazy contrast turn up on a picture of the bass guitar byrnesylogo16This one was a quick solution to get rid of the one before! Its a picture of some kind of squirrel I took at the grand canyon of all places byrnesylogo15Heres a picture of some of youth and us at some dunes near st combs called "the pot" byrnesylogo14A picture of a farm near pennan, north east scotland byrnesylogo13 St Combs beach were I sampled some of the colours in the picture and used the for the text. byrnesylogo12This is one of my favourite ones, just for its simplicity, the blurred photo of us playing at worship practise. byrnesylogo11Aberdeen Skyline with the text skewed and put on the crane byrnesylogo10A picture of my uni halls room, the font had a drop shadow. byrnesylogo9This is pretty naff, a candle on its side byrnesylogo8Outside the Theology department at Uni (not on purpose infact) byrnesylogo7 This was a cool sunset outside of church one evening. The text is mostly taken from the blogs before byrnesylogo6Picture of music at church, samme picture as blog title before but the text took me ages coz I did every letter one at a time byrnesylogo5hate this streched lettering, not a favourite byrnesylogo4An attempt at an artsy shot in the library with my old camera, concept didnt quite get realised here byrnesylogo3A photo of aberdeen leaving on a boat to orkney byrnesylogo2The first title (that wasnt just text) a picture of the meeting in trafalgar square after the Soul in the City event 2004, the defining event of that summer really. Anyway this more than anything is to preserve it for me, and my graphics type friends out there....sorry for the rest of you, who probably see this as self indulgent

Background of the week: POLZEATH

Originally uploaded by Jagosilver.

Every week I change my background(well around that anyway from a cool shot on flickr or just a place.

I always felt I was kind of cheating the photographer, but I guess I can give them some recgnition and you can see some cool photos.

This week its a picture of my favourite beach in cornwall (mostly for the memories as opposed to the picturesqueness or anything) Polzeath.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Births out of wedlock 'pass 40%'

Births out of wedlock 'pass 40%': The percentage of children born outside marriage leaps from 12% to 42% from 1980 to 2004, a report says. Should this be something we as Christian fin scandalous, im not sure but i read it with akind of "Oh well I saw it coming" But I guess what it kind of does say is that 40% of kids are being born into potentially unstable families, now I know there are a lot of variables. And I think basically I would happily and stand and argue for marriage as first a biblical model but even as something that sociologically is effective in secular society. So maybe this should 'offend' me more than it does, but I am slow to feel scandalized and am very slow to want to be the moral majority. No one needs my morals pressed on to them, what I think they really need is Jesus, not someone telling them that they shouldn't live like that. So Yes, its a problem, I grew up in a single parent family and know that the non perfect model of 2 adults and 2 kids can be overcome, but I think there are some definate advantages to the Mum and Dad scenario, and for them not to be (hypothetically) willing to commit, if not spiritually then legally to life partnership then that leaves some question as to whether they are comfortable enough in that relationship to raise kids. Just a quick thought on the news

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iBook Fix for Activity Window

I know this isnt my usual type of blog post but I thought Id enrich the internet with some useful info for mac users as recently Ive been searching google for stuff I never used to, and finding some great stuff. So hear is some information for the Information super highway. If your a regular reader of this blog, please feel free to look away now. PROBLEM: Activity Window wont open, it blinks on the dock then shuts down ANSWER: The Disk permissions are set incorrectly if your in administration account (if you dont know you probably are) so go into the applications folder in the hard drive then to the utilities folder and into disk utility then "repair disk permissions", note this takes forever I left it to do it over night and turned the screen off. This should fix it.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Immoral iTunes listening

Ipod I recently found what I thought (and maybe think) is quite a good loophole in my Uni's wireless network. When I connect my iBook to the University network and open iTunes I get everyone else on the networks music collection at my disposal. How I hear you cry, well the default setting in iTunes is to have open sharing on your library and less technically literate wouldn't have touched that kind of setting leaving their music library open to everyone and anyone. This in one respect isnt maybe as bad as it sound as you dont take the music you just stream it, play it remotely, so I listen to it (like im doing right now) but it reads it off their hard drive and streams it across the network. Recently, not to take any particular moral stand but because other people found it a stumbling block so to speak, I deleted all the music on my computer that I hadn't personally bought, and so I wonder is this just a return to my commitment not to do that. Its not necessary killing anyone, though I imagine that its (inexplicably for them) slowing their computer down because Im reading their hard drive making it work twice as hard.mmm, what to do, it is quite nice to have other peoples(often huge) music libraries at my disposal. Also you may have never noticed but a while back I stuck a "What Im Listening to right now on" button on the side bar which I thought was a pretty cool function, anyway Im bored of it now and so the same people who made that last.fm also have a your top 10. So the program collates every track I listen to then creates the Top 10 Artists for that week. That way the majority of the time the button wont say "now Offline" like it used to.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Flying Home

I wrote this a few weeks ago but my iBook internet connection died until just now! _______________ So this will be my first ever blog post at altitude!...Of course Im not posting it but Im here on a little internal Air Wales from Plymouth, stopping at cardiff and newcastle and arriving at Aberdeen, where Im very excited to see Rachel and the rest of the st combs guys! 19775664 06Bef70172 M Anyway I have to pace myself in that respect as its only 12:55 and I get in at 4:30ish. I planned to blog a bit more over the time I spent in Cornwall, in between my exams and the start of the next semsester. Its been a whistle stop tour but I got to see alot of people for the time there. 100518042 B6F98B33E3 M First of all I drove down to Preston with john to Morgana's wedding which was an expensive but great weekend, seeing Lucy, Daisy, Pete and Angie and Mark was brilliant. Then I drove down with Mark, Lucy and Jo snell (via Bristol) listening to some classic old Ska music! After which I spent a couple of days with the family in their new house out in St Veep (near lostwithiel & Lerryn for your Cornish). That was a great pasty filled experience hanging out with my sister and Mum...going to trago and doing all other good cornish things, and it was great to spend some timewith hayley (my sister) after not getting back over Christmas....though she did get me addicted to the OC, something that Ive formerly written off as a crappy American teen drama (ok it is actually that) but I watched some of the first series and now find myself trapped in the OC world narrative, while everyone else is moving along in Series 3 (currently being shown in the UK) im wondering what happens next in Series 1! 100533463 3Baad411A0 M In between moving around cornwall this week Ive spent a couple of nights at Mark Davy's house and a few car rides with him, and really enjoyed talking about church and friends etc...so that was an added bonus to coming down, he also gave me a lift to the airport, bought me lunch and gave me a word, and hopefully him and a few others will be coming up in march some time. While I was home I also got to spend a morning with Paul Adams,playing guitar, sharing songs, and him fixing the intenation on my strat was brilliant, and Pam (his wife) cooked me a great pasta dinner just before we went out to a house group from Grace community Church who are Church planting in Torpoint. They are also the house group that support John and I in prayer as missionaries from the Church. I had a great time with them, worshipping and telling them about the Church in St Combs. The last few days have been spent at my home in morval with the Gillespie's which was a sweet but far too short stay. I was honoured with the guest room (johnnys old room with the double bed for anyone who remembers) and ate Tessa Gillespie's Pizza one night and John Gillespie Jerk Chicken, and Curried Chicken the next night so awesome gastronomical experiences all round really! It was also great to spend time with Jesse Foot, Bo, Jake, Beth (the soon to be Gillespie) and Ben. So that is a round up of the week really...long post and probably boring for the most of you, but I write to preserve my own memories if nothing else! 19774138 9E0F23Efab M Further on now in the journey, just making our descent into Aberdeen...Ive had a great (redemptive for Air Wales) flight compared with the last time I flew with Air Wales, I have the emergency exit row at the front, my Sony earbuds are doing there job creating great sounds from dave Crowder Band and cutting out a good amount of engine noise, my iBook is giving me great battery life, watched some DVD. Read this months copy of MacWorld (well the interesting bits anyway) then when the trolley came round, I asked if the stewardess sold Chewing Gum she said No but she had some in her bag she'd bring me!..how nice...then when I tried to pay fro my coffee with a £20 she said she didnt have any change and not to worry about it!...pretty sweet thanks Helen (the air stewardess)...just going through cloud level now so Im going to pop my iBook on the seat next to me and enjoy DCB as we land.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Yey Im not addicted to Coffee

My friend Bex came to the realisation she was addicted to coffee!...well Ive often thought the same myself, on sundays it used to become ridiculous Id be up too late on Saturday then literally by 9pm have drunk about 13 cups of coffee, and not even good stuff, the british stuff made from dust and grit! 173 It must be said though I do feel better after a good coffee it just seems to make the world a sunnier place....am I a bad person?? saying all this Im fairly assured I dont have an addiction to it as after those crazy sundays Ive now cut down and I can go a whole day without having or thinking I need coffee, so this is the assumption that helps me sleep. Pp000001678Although the possiblility of good coffee in my life has significantly risen with the purchase of this brilliant expresso maker thingy that goes on the the hob with water in the bottom and Coffee in the middle, then all the water boils and it goes to the top in the form of sweet life juice! And thanks to an awesome valentines present from Rachel I get to fill it with this!!!! Jablumlrg Anyway the conclusion is.....Coffee is great, dont get addicted

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Domain Linking

Not sure why this may be of interest to anyone if fact but its just an observation. Originally I bought up (well more rented really) liambyrnes.co.uk and liambyrnes.com for email purposes as when I lived with my mum (yeah Im a yungun) we were endlessly changed ISP and webmails too dodgy. But when I got into a bit of web design I though ahh use the forwarding for that too. Now in order than people could link to individual posts, I didnt cloak the blogspot address, I just used the URL's to forward to the blogspot address. I wrongly presumed really that If I ever changed my blog to wordpress or typepad Id be covered thanks to my own domain but, if you look to the right you can see three white squares which a re technorati logos. One for http://byrnesy.blogspot.com http://liambyrnes.co.uk http://liambyrnes.com But Liambyrnes.com (the most expensive I might add) has Technorati Rank: 907,545 (3 links from 2 sites) Liambyrnes.co.uk Technorati Rank: 528,675 (5 links from 5 sites) and byrnesy.blogspot.com Technorati Rank: 231,864 (35 links from 13 sites) Now I dont care about technorati rankings or anything, but its going to be bad news if I ever move from blogger!...what a pointless post you must be thinking but it does say something about information aggregation sources on the internet, that it will always be the source that is used. Ah Well

The Anabaptist Reformation and MySpace

Well again I feel rather accomplished today as I have, for the first time I might add, actually read the texts for my Reformation lecture tutorial. The first one I didnt prepare for, some kind soul in my lecture who I didnt know very well decided to ask me whether I had done the reading while I was sitting next to the lecturer, I tried to slyly say No, but he saw and said "HGere's not the place you want to sit if you havent done the work...!" eek, anyway today is reformational anabaptists (today probably best seen in the mennonites) and I read a couple of things. Also for anyone who is interested I have been playing about with that MySpace thing, not just a craazeee teenager thing apparently as since I signed a bunc of friends from school, and the states have found me.... http://www.myspace.com/byrnesyliam Meanwhile I also feel accomplished that Ive managed out of my bed at 5:45am for the last two days to get to lectures. Anyway got to go.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Music and Romance

I feel a little unwise blogging as I am meant to be studying the reformation right now, before I go to work (at the church so its not all that bad!) Im sitting at home just now listening to my soundtrack for the last week or so Jose Gonzalez, if your from the UK you might recognise him from the advert where all the balls come down the street. Anyway its great acoustic music from a guy from scandinavia not latino america as his name suggests - Jose Gonzalez So recently life has been ful, of early Uni lectures, Kids Work, Worship practises and of course spending time with my lovely Girlfriend. Who in fact since you asked gave me my first ever Valentines Card yesterday (aaaahhh) I know I know, 20 and getting my first valentines card! And again Yesterday??? I hear you say. Well were both working at the church today and she had yesterday off so we moved Valentines day (wonder if the Saint Calendar Observers think thats sacreligious) anyway, we went out for a really really nice meal at Pizza Express (which is not quite as fast food trashy as the name might suggest). Anyway I also got some great valentines gifts, some really nice cologne and some Jamaican Blue Moutain Coffee, which is officially surely the best in the world. I visited the factory in the Blue Mountains and if was amazing. So thats life just now, I preached last week on Matthew 5 The Beatitudes which was quite the roller coaster ride but went well. I have a few thoughts that at some point I may blog but for now, its just a life update....

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Gone Again

I know, I know, your all thinking, you;ve disappeared into the real world again Liam, wheres all the blogging. well theres a good reason what I have blogged (but not published for reasons Im just about to explain)when I got my CD Drive crushed on my iBook I took it in to get it serviced in Cornwall, and now the airport hasn't worked since!...and the service centre is 700 odd miles away. What a pickle Anyway this is just to let you all know, Im alive back at Uni had a great time seeing people in Cornwall. Peace