Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mexico Update

Before reading this please consider reading the original post "Byrnesy Mission to Mexico" to understand the situation __________ Well to be honest Ive been getting a little dis-heartened with my finances, living off kidney beans and frozen mince (which often ends up as chilli so Im not complaining to much) Anyway back on the point, its now less than a month til I go to Mexico with the Church and I keep getting scared that I wont get the money but God keeps asking for it back (my worry) and I keep giving it, and John has been great in a phone call when he prayed for it, that filled me with faith and expenctancy and left me with a lot more trust. So Ive been somewhat just staying there....trusting. Today I was overwhelmed, blessed, filled with hope, and gratitude that somebody from my church in cornwall, not sure if she would be happy to be mentioned so Ill leave her name out just now, but it was a great young girl from my church in Cornwall gave me some money which will go towards Mexico, and financially it didnt sort me out entirely but what was overwhelming was the sentiment of support, the "I believe in you, and I believe in you in this, and more than that I believe in God in you, in this!" and so this is what overwhelms me with gratitude and respect for her and my gratitude to God for putting people like this in my path. Paypal though being part of "the SYSTEM" or being "THE MAN" took its capitalist share of 88p and then another 25 to put it in my REAL account. Oh well paying for a service I spose, but for anyone else considering supporting me, if your in the UK, please email me and Ill give the details to send a cheque so that all of the money you support me with goes to the Mission, and "THE MAN" dosent get any. Anyway in the same spirit of financial accountability that I began with when posting asking for support this is my situation: Mexico Mission: Flights are Paid for by me: £468 Flights home to my mums wedding and then back up to Manchester to leave for Mexico: £160 have been paid by my Mum and Martin (her fiance) Mission Trip costs inclusive of Food: £250 The final section was the section I asked for support for (more details click here for my original post) Currently thanks to donations from my CU and my Cornish friend I am on £60, which may not seem much but it has filled me with the faith for the remaining £190. So if you want you can paypal me on the right hand side column or email me for details of other ways of supporting me in this.

Photos URL for Flickr

Ive been going Flickr Crazy with over 600 photos now, nciely ordered for you and everything, and now you can get to them through my very own sub domain!!! Check them out here@ or if it so takes you!
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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

TSK on 20 year Pilgrimage

Well while I am only 20 years old, its interesting and inspiring to see what Andrew Jones has done in the last 20 years of his pilgrimage: Check it here Also Debbie his wife is blogging now! Been listening alot to Lauryn Hill Unplugged just now which is a great and emotive album check it out Also this looks like an interesting book, anyone read it?? Jesus and the Hip Hop Prophets Contrary to maybe what Andrew says about worship music moving from Rock to Rave, I think that if it ever was in the rave season it has now moved to hip hop, much more of an urban beat I think exists in popular culture these days.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Mclaren in my Exams

I have an exam on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday and 1 next Monday, so please be praying but interestingly Brian Mclaren features in one of my mock exam questions for "Popular Spirituality in the 21st Century" see below ‘[What post-modern people tend] to reject is not absolute truth, but absolute knowledge. And to the degree [Christians] seek to defend absolute knowledge, [they] show themselves to be defenders not of biblical faith (which repeatedly affirms that we ‘know in part’) but of modern rationalism.’ (Brian McLaren). Discuss.

Moving on

I feel like just as Ive become comfortable or at home God moves me on, and here I am in my pokey room which I need to be out of in a little over a month (the 9th July), although in reality Ill be packing up and out earlier. But I look around in my tiny hole of a room and I cant bare to think about taking stuff down and boxing things up. Its not I dont want to leave it, its what I am moving into. Uncertainty I left my home in cornwall, uprooted, found a great church, great bunch of friends, and Im not loosing any of that but I am running head into uncertainty with no accomadation no money (most worryingly) and no stability. But as Forbes (my pastor) says there is always hope, and I know that it'll come through good, I just dont know how bumpy the journey will be on the way. Praying with John on the phone was great the other day, just someone who Ill be running with soon to inject hope, and belief...thanks bro So Im left with nothing to do but Look to the providing, protecting, and paternal God, fall back, to move forward, death for life...its always the way, but its never the easy way.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

grid blog :: pentecost 2005

grid blog :: pentecost 2005!... _________ I wasnt entirely sure if there were any parameters on this grid blog but Im am glad to participate even if I missed any other guidelines than the blog being about pentecost. I am also writing this early as I am going to be away from the computer over the weekend but wanted to be involved. _________ Pentecost revived the Church, we are so afraid of that word sometimes because of the amount of hurt it has caused. REVIVE, what is it we need to be revived from....we need to be revived from our plans, what we think is best, at Pentecost God came, and when God comes our plans go out the window. Maybe your thinking "Oh OK I think Ive heard this sermon before" but I wonder if hearing it again (even from my blogging pulpit) would be such a terrible thing if we never Really took it on board, I dont write this from a completly perfect position either (are you surprsied, yep I thought so), but my point is that while our plans are not always problems, we need to stand back sometimes, let go, give up, come to our end for God to be given the room to take hold. So heres my story for pentecost today The Story of the Boulder ...Theres a story of a young guy who was excited about "serving the Lord" and when I say "excited" I mean "excited" this guy was the one who was first standing for the hymns and didnt leave that well timed getting up time people in church instinctivly have day he was wondering what to give his life to, what work God was calling him to. He struggled and strived for an asnwer from God and then one day he was on a walk and his ind was a million miles away from his yearning for a call, and he was enjoying the cold air rushing down into his lungs and looking around at the landscape where he was ...suddenly he saw it, the Boulder, he looked, and watched, mesmerised almost, this was it, as he looked up to the sky for anything, just confirmation to run towards the Boulder that had captured his heart, the still small voice confirmed it, "push this boulder", "push it for my glory" so the young guy went for it pushing with everything he had. ...after a while he was getting tired, his enthusiastic smile which accompanied his frantic pushing was dropping as he came to the realisation that the boulder wasnt moving, slowly but surely his last ebs of strength where being used up, his smile had morphed to a gritting of the teeth as he went for another push....finally, sweating, hurting, and spent he slowly slid down the boulder. ....sitting at the foot of it, he cried out to God, thinking of everything he had put into the pushing, all the excitement he had lost, he said "I tried, I gave everything, nothing moved, the boulder cant be moved its hopeless" God replied instantly "I asked you to push the boulder not to move it" and with that the boulder moved with the slight movements of the young mans back panting still out of breath from his pushing. God uses our weakness, our emptiness, often that means the lack of our plans, if I had seen this guy pushing on a boulder (I hope you grasped that it was symbolic, Ive never met anyone who has been called to the "restructuring the geological landscape ministry") I would have thought, "man that is hopeless, but hey good luck with that!" and so often the callings God put on our lives are too much, and thats because God dosent want us to take control, he wants to use us as the sheep dog not the shepherd thats his job, to be attentive to his ear, to be an outworker of his plans, and they wont always be logical, but they will be the best. The on lookers to the pentecost experience didnt understand what was happening, they thought they were drunk, and we need to be people in the 21st Century who look to heaven for answers, for vision with hearts that are responsive in action to do things that arent logical, where people think we are crazy, intoxicated, and drunk (understand me here, Im making a point that not everything God calls us to makes sense im not advocating excessive alcohol). But I think we see something else key in Acts 2, it would have been easy for Paul and the early church to say, "oh you guys wouldnt understand this is God stuff" and so often we as the church can take that attitude (im talking catholic (universal), no ones gets out of this) of spiritual elitism, our ways are better than yours, we know, you dont .....but the truth is Paul explained, and we need to, we need to so that we have grace to our sisters and brothers who dont understand because they havent experienced the same as we have. So in closing we need to be revived by the spirit today on pentecost, revived so be filled with vision to do illogical things for the kingdoms advancing, but to be a people of Grace willing to give an answer and not take the road of elitism. Bless you today to be filled by the Holy spirit and LIVE life in the freedom and Grace of Jesus. No apologies for not writing on what I originally intended to by the way! I was going to translate this into automated translation french (which may not be that great) but anyway I tried but blogger spewed out all the french characters so its a purely english offering today.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Narnia the Movie

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005) Im expectant for this, though it could fall flat on its face!....we'll see


..::littleoslo::..blogpoly This is quite cool....for all us blog geeks out there anyway

Mennonites, Conversation, Action and Jesus

Firstly this morning I discovered that I would closely assimilate myself with mennonite spirituality as a guest mennonite pastor was teaching my last lecture of the year today. Some very good stuff he was saying too!...any thoughts im not well versed on mennonites apart from their germanic beginnings and the whole US anabaptist thing. Anyway I may comment on this as a part of my understanding the broadness of Christian tradition, but if you have any thoughts on Mennonite spiriatuality let me know in the comments. Ive also been thinking that integral to our faith has to be conversation, and I really love that. I think "this" but that is related and comes from something in the past which I in turn did not say, but antoher person holds "that" doctrine or theology because of an entirely different heritage. It challenges me to really look at my life and see what is methodology (methods) and what is Orthodoxy (right teaching). This does not necessarily always mean that the methodology is scrapped but that we can approach our faith in a holistic and more enlightened point of view. While Conversation is great what I like about the Mennonite Spirituality is the "doing" it seems (and maybe weighted to heavily in this but I find it refreshing) to be rooted in a having faith of action and not words (in reference to James) which is what is about.....impacting the community for Jesus, like Jesus and with Jesus. The lecturer brought up and interesting point while we went through typical postmodern UK Univeristy questions in divinity such as "Is Jesus integral to Christan Spirituality" (by the way so there is not confusion I believe that he is, passionately) he said that throughout Christian History in the 3rd Centuries with the Creeds to root out heretical beliefs and place the proper teaching (orthodoxy) of who Jesus was, then in the reformation, the feeling was that too much had been encrusted onto the gospel, and thet Jesus needed to be replaced as central to the Christian Tradition....when it all turns religious, we;ve nothing left to turn to but Jesus and to put him back in the centre of our faith.

THEOOZE - Articles: Viewing Article

THEOOZE - Articles: Viewing Article A good article on Homosexuality and Christianity....we need to Love

Thursday, May 12, 2005


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Ive been adding a bunch of photos recently to my flickr gallery (which you can check out down the side bar).
Or you can check out some new (and some old) photoshop efforts here:

This picture was taken from a moving car during the worship conferance at our church when we took the arizonans out. I changed the RGB values in photo shop to give this reddish effect on the field.

Other than stuff like this I am not going to be blogging for the next couple of week as I have LOADS of exams and papers to get in before the end of this semester. But everyday I am picking up theology that I want to think through on here but unfortunatly I just havent the time! So unless you know me and have a vague interest in my whereabouts and status Im afriad there is not likely to be much blogged for the next couple of weeks, but for those just waiting to engage me in a theological debate or to correct me on my heretical status then just wait and Ill be back and writing after this has all blown over.
Mean while check out my "e-lationships" section on the right hand column, there are a few good regularly updated and intelligent blogs going on.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Many Films

Well Ive watched a few films in the last couple of days and I thought Id mention them and see if you would also like to enjoy these filmic joys!.... Click Here to read the rest of "Many Films" First was Kingdom of Heaven I really enjoyed this film, there is some really beautiful cinematography, and great battle scenes, also its full of meaning and has some great sub plots. I particularly liked the lesson the main character learnt about how the Kingdom does not belong to religion or places but in the heart and the inspiring film, I would definatly recommend it. Although unlike alot of films you will either Love this or just say "It was OK". Si Johnston talks about this film more eloquently then I ever could here More Info Go here Napolean Dynamite Next was very different no more moral fights here, just plain funny Cult'll need the right sense of humour for this (its not dodgy at all by the way, just strangely funny) Its like an American little Britain. I did feel like it would have been better as small sketches but this film is very good More Info here and finally I saw The Green Mile Id heard alot about this, about how amazing film it was, and it really was good, a little disturbing at times but I often think if its something that exists (eg death row) we should sometimes shock ourselves out of our comfortable fantasy into reality (as Lauryn Hill says on MTV Unplugged that Im listening to just now) More Info Here

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Byrnesys Mission to Mexico

UPDATE: Sorry apparently Paypal link wasnt working yesterday but its up and running now, anymore questions about Mexico chuck them in the comments, mail me for anything else cheers Well quite excitingly...this summer Im taking a trip to Mexico, it promises to be a really great experience, the reason Ive decided to go, in all the student debt I find myself in is: - That I know that my life as worship is expressed through mission, seeing him sends us out to coin and mangle a phrase - The things we are doing are basically acts of kindness and love, trying to "do the stuff" as Wilberforce said, practical acts of love and Grace. - To help grow in my own life and in the life of the community I "Church" with and the great people from Arizona who we will be going with who are an integral part of the DNA of the Church here in Scotland. - With the view to bring back with me more of a heart for social action and a heart of kindness for the community I find myself in Last week "in faith" (and Im not adding that for effect I really have sacrificed to pay for the flight, and im not trying the sympathy vote for that, I know it was completly my own choice but hopefully Im explaining why I made that decision) I bought the flight to Phoenix, Arizona for £468.30 but the rest of the trip will cost $445 which is very roughly £250, and basically Im praying that God will provide that, already my CU at Uni have pledged to donate some which is great but in a purposefully "asking" act I set up Paypal if you feel like you could give anything I would be pressure, just a humble ask that if anyone could manage too I would be big time blessed. This money is for the travel down to Mexico, Accomadation and stuff we'll be giving away while in Mexicali (on the Mexixo/California Border....while were there we will be giving away food, giving gifts to children in the area, wash and cut hair, treat local children for lice,Evangelism through acts of kindness we'll be Visiting orphanges, Mental facilities and maybe a Prison....these are still in the primary stages of arrnagement hence the vagueness. But I really believe short term mission serves the following purposes (which I hope this short term mission will serve as well) 1) to serve and equip the local church around the world with human resource and cultural relationship 2) To fulfill the "ends of the earth" part of Judea and Samaria 3) To enrich the missionologist to a better understanding of the universal naturew of the gospel....there are plenty more but these are the few I can think of just now. So here I am....asking you for kindness, no pressure So finally: - Paypal account? then go for it below, - wanna send some snail mail style? email me here, - cant send any money no problem, pray for me!
In conclusion I would like to say...please dont feel bad if you dont want to give, I do sometimes but you know, I know that God will make a way, I know that because he is the most faithful Father in chill my impoverished readers I love ya!

The Soul Survivor Magazine Online

Some cool stuff this month in the Soul Survivor Magazine...helps me get perspective on my exams.....although perspective might not be the most helpful thing if I want to pass...ach well. The Soul Survivor Magazine Online: "I don't want to downplay the importance of exams, they are helpful and prove that you know some stuff. But it is funny that we work so hard to try and cram all that we know into a test that can last just two or three hours. Often, once the exam is over we forget all about the subject we were studying and shudder to think of such things ever again (I hope this isn't true of doctors and surgeons). Click here to Read the rest of "SSM online post" I wonder if the examiners ever thought that life can't be summed up in a two hour exercise that asks you to discuss the impact of rationalism on the work of Adorno. I mean the skills of arguing and proving a point are great and really essential, but is that what life really adds up to one long trek to prove how much we know and how great we are with certificates and letters after our names? Often the grades we aspire to are just ways in which we can judge people without ever meeting them or getting to know them. During my time at university we used to say anyone who got a First on a piece of work just wasnt having enough fun and studied too hard! Obviously I didn't get a First. As a Christian I get a sneaking suspicion that grades aren't what life is all about. I want to see straight through the categories we place on people and recognise the ability in everyone, whether they have a degree, a BTEC, a GCSE or no qualifications whatsoever. Ultimately I believe that's how Jesus was. I guess it was the most educated people of the day, the Pharisees and Teachers of the Law, who proved to be unresponsive to Jesus' message. Their training and position within society meant that they had a particular worldview of themselves and those around them that maybe valued prestige more than compassion. "

Seminar Recordings

Seminar Recordings Soul Survivor are giving away seminar and and preaching recordings for a £1 a piece just now. Some great stuff there go check it out get a bargain on some great teaching

Monday, May 09, 2005

Protest4 > Home ( DNN 3.0.13 )

Protest4 > Home ( DNN 3.0.13 ) Prtoest 4 Anti Human Trafficking just put there new site Live, a great group and well worth getting involved....Ill be speaking more on this in the future.

Where Ive been

Yep, Ive been away...sorry for the lack of notice but I got ill pretty quick during my essay on Matthew which im cringing to think of the mark for as I was in a coma when I wrote it! Anyway it was all types of heady coldy type things so I went and hibernated at the girls house for the week as Uni halls are no fun for dying people such as myself! the process though I gave it to Rachel..sorry 5e....but in my defence she drank they dreggs of a bottle I had been drinking, not advised. But all around its been a good week with the highlights being... - Buying Flights for Mexico - Going to Teen Challenge re-hab centre - Chilling with the guys... Anyway Im back still feeling a little heady but just needing to crack on with work and revision this week, Oh how I cant wait for the Elixir which is summer break....although I spose that brings with it, its own challenges. Bless ya

Dave Matthews Plays live Webcast

DMB one of my favourite bands, and tonight 9pm EST they are playing a special webcast concert on AOL Music, you can watch it live here but also for those of us on this side of the Atlantic apparently you can re-watch it on demand after the concert has finished.

Audioslave in Cuba - Audioslave brings American rock to Cuba - May 6, 2005 In my younger and angrier days I was a huge fan of Rage against the Machine, who've warped into whats now called audioslave....and I bet there stoked there going to Cuba, I have had a long term desire to go to Cuba, not sure when that will be realised but if I was a millionaire now I would be booking my flights to go see this!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Getting better

The weekend was hard, getting some work which had to be in for monday was hard feeling so bad, but now my headache has all but gone and Im just "outworking" my blocked upness which is messy! Anyway I couldnt face Uni today so Ill probably go back tommorow. I was reading Facedown by Matt Redman for the second time yesterday and God really drew out some point that Ill blog about when I have my journal with me. Yesterday I got a really cool belated birthday present from Rachel 5e and Jane. anyway Ill blog ya later...oohhh that was cheese master mike sorry.