Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mexico Update

Before reading this please consider reading the original post "Byrnesy Mission to Mexico" to understand the situation __________ Well to be honest Ive been getting a little dis-heartened with my finances, living off kidney beans and frozen mince (which often ends up as chilli so Im not complaining to much) Anyway back on the point, its now less than a month til I go to Mexico with the Church and I keep getting scared that I wont get the money but God keeps asking for it back (my worry) and I keep giving it, and John has been great in a phone call when he prayed for it, that filled me with faith and expenctancy and left me with a lot more trust. So Ive been somewhat just staying there....trusting. Today I was overwhelmed, blessed, filled with hope, and gratitude that somebody from my church in cornwall, not sure if she would be happy to be mentioned so Ill leave her name out just now, but it was a great young girl from my church in Cornwall gave me some money which will go towards Mexico, and financially it didnt sort me out entirely but what was overwhelming was the sentiment of support, the "I believe in you, and I believe in you in this, and more than that I believe in God in you, in this!" and so this is what overwhelms me with gratitude and respect for her and my gratitude to God for putting people like this in my path. Paypal though being part of "the SYSTEM" or being "THE MAN" took its capitalist share of 88p and then another 25 to put it in my REAL account. Oh well paying for a service I spose, but for anyone else considering supporting me, if your in the UK, please email me and Ill give the details to send a cheque so that all of the money you support me with goes to the Mission, and "THE MAN" dosent get any. Anyway in the same spirit of financial accountability that I began with when posting asking for support this is my situation: Mexico Mission: Flights are Paid for by me: £468 Flights home to my mums wedding and then back up to Manchester to leave for Mexico: £160 have been paid by my Mum and Martin (her fiance) Mission Trip costs inclusive of Food: £250 The final section was the section I asked for support for (more details click here for my original post) Currently thanks to donations from my CU and my Cornish friend I am on £60, which may not seem much but it has filled me with the faith for the remaining £190. So if you want you can paypal me on the right hand side column or email me for details of other ways of supporting me in this.


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