Friday, May 13, 2005

Mennonites, Conversation, Action and Jesus

Firstly this morning I discovered that I would closely assimilate myself with mennonite spirituality as a guest mennonite pastor was teaching my last lecture of the year today. Some very good stuff he was saying too!...any thoughts im not well versed on mennonites apart from their germanic beginnings and the whole US anabaptist thing. Anyway I may comment on this as a part of my understanding the broadness of Christian tradition, but if you have any thoughts on Mennonite spiriatuality let me know in the comments. Ive also been thinking that integral to our faith has to be conversation, and I really love that. I think "this" but that is related and comes from something in the past which I in turn did not say, but antoher person holds "that" doctrine or theology because of an entirely different heritage. It challenges me to really look at my life and see what is methodology (methods) and what is Orthodoxy (right teaching). This does not necessarily always mean that the methodology is scrapped but that we can approach our faith in a holistic and more enlightened point of view. While Conversation is great what I like about the Mennonite Spirituality is the "doing" it seems (and maybe weighted to heavily in this but I find it refreshing) to be rooted in a having faith of action and not words (in reference to James) which is what is about.....impacting the community for Jesus, like Jesus and with Jesus. The lecturer brought up and interesting point while we went through typical postmodern UK Univeristy questions in divinity such as "Is Jesus integral to Christan Spirituality" (by the way so there is not confusion I believe that he is, passionately) he said that throughout Christian History in the 3rd Centuries with the Creeds to root out heretical beliefs and place the proper teaching (orthodoxy) of who Jesus was, then in the reformation, the feeling was that too much had been encrusted onto the gospel, and thet Jesus needed to be replaced as central to the Christian Tradition....when it all turns religious, we;ve nothing left to turn to but Jesus and to put him back in the centre of our faith.


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