Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Soul Survivor Magazine Online

Some cool stuff this month in the Soul Survivor Magazine...helps me get perspective on my exams.....although perspective might not be the most helpful thing if I want to pass...ach well. The Soul Survivor Magazine Online: "I don't want to downplay the importance of exams, they are helpful and prove that you know some stuff. But it is funny that we work so hard to try and cram all that we know into a test that can last just two or three hours. Often, once the exam is over we forget all about the subject we were studying and shudder to think of such things ever again (I hope this isn't true of doctors and surgeons). Click here to Read the rest of "SSM online post" I wonder if the examiners ever thought that life can't be summed up in a two hour exercise that asks you to discuss the impact of rationalism on the work of Adorno. I mean the skills of arguing and proving a point are great and really essential, but is that what life really adds up to one long trek to prove how much we know and how great we are with certificates and letters after our names? Often the grades we aspire to are just ways in which we can judge people without ever meeting them or getting to know them. During my time at university we used to say anyone who got a First on a piece of work just wasnt having enough fun and studied too hard! Obviously I didn't get a First. As a Christian I get a sneaking suspicion that grades aren't what life is all about. I want to see straight through the categories we place on people and recognise the ability in everyone, whether they have a degree, a BTEC, a GCSE or no qualifications whatsoever. Ultimately I believe that's how Jesus was. I guess it was the most educated people of the day, the Pharisees and Teachers of the Law, who proved to be unresponsive to Jesus' message. Their training and position within society meant that they had a particular worldview of themselves and those around them that maybe valued prestige more than compassion. "


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