Friday, April 29, 2005

Musical Memories

Sven @ World of Sven is collaborating a few people who are writing about their albums of all time, while that is too much of a feat to contain in 3 albums here are a few album memories that flashback for me, or where soundtracks to parts of my life. It pains me to only attribute 3 albums for musical memories so I suppose in the future I may put up some more musical memories, as I think I could only do my musical memory justice if it was a top100, as it was such a huge part of me growing up Tim Hughes Here I am to Worship Well firstly although many people will write this album as cheesy and Mainstream, I bought this album on tape after going to a Soul Survivor Event in Bristol in a rental car with John and Miriam (sorry other occupant of the car I cant quite remember) but anyway alot of the youth group also came up in the bus, but the album had just been released ad a few people where introducing some of the songs, and we had a great sunny day in Bristol, then went to the event and I met God in the most powerful way I had ever met him in my life and it changed me, and revived me...then on the trip home (a couple of hours) we listened to this album and worhshipped along to it, then it was just a soundtrack to my life for the next few months. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication This is just one of those classic summer albums that was a bit of a soundtrack to my younger days, not all good stuff it reminds me of, but it was definatly the album that reminds me of those long cornish summers. I love their other albums as well. Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill This is such a cool album, unfortunatly to my knowledge Lauryn Hill hasn't released much more, but this is a great album and a soundtrack to the beggining of my hip hop/R&B/black music journey which kept me from going too ALL guiatry, which would have been a disaster think of all the great hip hop and soul stuff I would have missed out on. This also reminds me of days at Gillespies when I could recognise the bass lines of the songs through the wall or doors of Beth Gillespies room when John and I would hang, ahh when the fam where all together!


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