Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Shape of things to come

World's biggest airliner soars into the sky It seems like a small thing, to the backdrop of all the other world changing events going on in these the final days, but in part because I used to be a bit of a aeroplane enthusiast myself and but also because I know John would have been all over this over on his blog had he not been at the crucial stage of finishing his degree in Aeronautical engineering (he's just working like crazy to get his dissertation done, then he's coming up to Scotland to work in our church so go over there and encourage him with a comment!) So in part its a sub blog for Johns sake but I also want to chuck in some of my more sociological insights and thoughts. This Boeing (US) vs Airbus (Euro) war has been going on for ever, and now its getting interesting (track with me here Im going somewhere thats not just business orientated), as I understand it, Boeings strategy is to create smaller long range planes and Airbus is all about making them bigger!...Somewhere in there, is the future trends of International travel to come. As the world and yes even the Church is becoming globalised, through the Internet, mobile communication technology yadda yadda yadda you know the shpeel, travel is getting cheaper and we are getting around more (not as in the Beach Boys get around but I mean International travel) So what will International travel look like, well here are a few points about airports: - more auto check ins, selecting you own seat and printing out your own luggage tags, like BA have introduced, there muchos handy! - lets face it increasing security checks - Temporary Pagers/PDA's for every passenger that tell you when your flight is boarding and at what gate, and so they can call you if they need you, they would not doubt fill it will adverts for coffee shops, and duty free Aeroplanes - Well I think alot still hangs on whether they get bigger or smaller but a few suggestions would be: - For budget airlines to not be stingy and give out some free food - More Pizza pie, like you get on AA - Easier to use Airmiles, like a swipe card like in supermarkets - Hobo Traveller Luxury lounges for us cheap skates who would love to go in those lounges but we dont have companys that give us credits, lets face it we dont have companies! - 24/7 Prayer Rooms, make them extreme and put them in Aeroplane trailers (now that would be an invention) Add some more cool ideas for International Air travel in the comments if you them Enough of my self Indulgence, Another point though is that these trans atlantic business wars and somewhat indicative of the International climate, through my un-educated eyes even I can see that less and less America for the European is becoming the land of prosperity and good will which we were told of and that we aspired to, lets face it there was a period there where America's Bigger and Betterness was envious, but now more and more Europeans are becoming prouder of their local heritage, culture and tradition, almost like globalisation back lash, Europeans are refusing to subscribe to the Warhol "Soup Can" Media, Creative Arts and Philosophys and the tables might even be turning...? What do you think?


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