Monday, May 09, 2005

Where Ive been

Yep, Ive been away...sorry for the lack of notice but I got ill pretty quick during my essay on Matthew which im cringing to think of the mark for as I was in a coma when I wrote it! Anyway it was all types of heady coldy type things so I went and hibernated at the girls house for the week as Uni halls are no fun for dying people such as myself! the process though I gave it to Rachel..sorry 5e....but in my defence she drank they dreggs of a bottle I had been drinking, not advised. But all around its been a good week with the highlights being... - Buying Flights for Mexico - Going to Teen Challenge re-hab centre - Chilling with the guys... Anyway Im back still feeling a little heady but just needing to crack on with work and revision this week, Oh how I cant wait for the Elixir which is summer break....although I spose that brings with it, its own challenges. Bless ya


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