Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Many Films

Well Ive watched a few films in the last couple of days and I thought Id mention them and see if you would also like to enjoy these filmic joys!.... Click Here to read the rest of "Many Films" First was Kingdom of Heaven I really enjoyed this film, there is some really beautiful cinematography, and great battle scenes, also its full of meaning and has some great sub plots. I particularly liked the lesson the main character learnt about how the Kingdom does not belong to religion or places but in the heart and the inspiring film, I would definatly recommend it. Although unlike alot of films you will either Love this or just say "It was OK". Si Johnston talks about this film more eloquently then I ever could here More Info Go here Napolean Dynamite Next was very different no more moral fights here, just plain funny Cult'll need the right sense of humour for this (its not dodgy at all by the way, just strangely funny) Its like an American little Britain. I did feel like it would have been better as small sketches but this film is very good More Info here and finally I saw The Green Mile Id heard alot about this, about how amazing film it was, and it really was good, a little disturbing at times but I often think if its something that exists (eg death row) we should sometimes shock ourselves out of our comfortable fantasy into reality (as Lauryn Hill says on MTV Unplugged that Im listening to just now) More Info Here


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