Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Byrnesys Mission to Mexico

UPDATE: Sorry apparently Paypal link wasnt working yesterday but its up and running now, anymore questions about Mexico chuck them in the comments, mail me for anything else cheers byrnesyliam@gmail.com Well quite excitingly...this summer Im taking a trip to Mexico, it promises to be a really great experience, the reason Ive decided to go, in all the student debt I find myself in is: - That I know that my life as worship is expressed through mission, seeing him sends us out to coin and mangle a phrase - The things we are doing are basically acts of kindness and love, trying to "do the stuff" as Wilberforce said, practical acts of love and Grace. - To help grow in my own life and in the life of the community I "Church" with and the great people from Arizona who we will be going with who are an integral part of the DNA of the Church here in Scotland. - With the view to bring back with me more of a heart for social action and a heart of kindness for the community I find myself in Last week "in faith" (and Im not adding that for effect I really have sacrificed to pay for the flight, and im not trying the sympathy vote for that, I know it was completly my own choice but hopefully Im explaining why I made that decision) I bought the flight to Phoenix, Arizona for £468.30 but the rest of the trip will cost $445 which is very roughly £250, and basically Im praying that God will provide that, already my CU at Uni have pledged to donate some which is great but in a purposefully "asking" act I set up Paypal today....so if you feel like you could give anything I would be stoked....no pressure, just a humble ask that if anyone could manage too I would be big time blessed. This money is for the travel down to Mexico, Accomadation and stuff we'll be giving away while in Mexicali (on the Mexixo/California Border....while were there we will be giving away food, giving gifts to children in the area, wash and cut hair, treat local children for lice,Evangelism through acts of kindness we'll be Visiting orphanges, Mental facilities and maybe a Prison....these are still in the primary stages of arrnagement hence the vagueness. But I really believe short term mission serves the following purposes (which I hope this short term mission will serve as well) 1) to serve and equip the local church around the world with human resource and cultural relationship 2) To fulfill the "ends of the earth" part of Judea and Samaria 3) To enrich the missionologist to a better understanding of the universal naturew of the gospel....there are plenty more but these are the few I can think of just now. So here I am....asking you for kindness, no pressure So finally: - Paypal account? then go for it below, - wanna send some snail mail style? email me here, - cant send any money no problem, pray for me!
In conclusion I would like to say...please dont feel bad if you dont want to give, I do sometimes but you know, I know that God will make a way, I know that because he is the most faithful Father in existence....so chill my impoverished readers I love ya!


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