Thursday, May 12, 2005


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Ive been adding a bunch of photos recently to my flickr gallery (which you can check out down the side bar).
Or you can check out some new (and some old) photoshop efforts here:

This picture was taken from a moving car during the worship conferance at our church when we took the arizonans out. I changed the RGB values in photo shop to give this reddish effect on the field.

Other than stuff like this I am not going to be blogging for the next couple of week as I have LOADS of exams and papers to get in before the end of this semester. But everyday I am picking up theology that I want to think through on here but unfortunatly I just havent the time! So unless you know me and have a vague interest in my whereabouts and status Im afriad there is not likely to be much blogged for the next couple of weeks, but for those just waiting to engage me in a theological debate or to correct me on my heretical status then just wait and Ill be back and writing after this has all blown over.
Mean while check out my "e-lationships" section on the right hand column, there are a few good regularly updated and intelligent blogs going on.


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