Monday, May 23, 2005

Moving on

I feel like just as Ive become comfortable or at home God moves me on, and here I am in my pokey room which I need to be out of in a little over a month (the 9th July), although in reality Ill be packing up and out earlier. But I look around in my tiny hole of a room and I cant bare to think about taking stuff down and boxing things up. Its not I dont want to leave it, its what I am moving into. Uncertainty I left my home in cornwall, uprooted, found a great church, great bunch of friends, and Im not loosing any of that but I am running head into uncertainty with no accomadation no money (most worryingly) and no stability. But as Forbes (my pastor) says there is always hope, and I know that it'll come through good, I just dont know how bumpy the journey will be on the way. Praying with John on the phone was great the other day, just someone who Ill be running with soon to inject hope, and belief...thanks bro So Im left with nothing to do but Look to the providing, protecting, and paternal God, fall back, to move forward, death for life...its always the way, but its never the easy way.


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