Saturday, November 05, 2005

My Crazy Life, and the end of a short era

I have had a very hectic week!...But slogged through it nicely, 2 Assignments, 1 Class Presentation, 1 Teaching session later, I am still alive. Today I go for my last shift at Tesco (UK Supermarket) In the last few weeks I have loathed going in, but also loved meeting people outside my regular bubble of life. It also showed me how effective you can be in the work place, as this is the first work place I have been really intentionally missional, I have seen some really cool things. I prayed for one of my friends bad backs and it got better, and I got to invite a bunch of people to church, and represent Christianity or at least Jesus to some people. You sound pretty pleased with yourself I hear you say...well, I ve enjoyed being there in lots of ways but I think as opposed to being any testimony for my goodness, it actually is a great testimony and stepping out a little and God blessing that. So heres to Tesco, to pulling cages of products over your toe, getting too cold in the dairy department, sharing jokes with the checkout staff, inhaling passive smoke in the refectory.


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