Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Blog Problem - A Boring, exaplanatory post!

While Im enjoying using blogger, this blog takes some keeping up, and thats before all the blogging! So I cam seriously considering TypePad...what do you think? Anyway Also I realise that alot of you who are not big blog readers and even those of you who are, dont read more than the top post. Well Ive been busy (as ever) and so I havent blogged good stuff for about a week. But Internet is now TRULY on its way at home, as we got the wireless set up and now were just waiting on Tiscali. But until then feel free to get your self a Free iPod on me...hehe unrepentant in trying to get referrals. Promise Good blogging will return within a week or so. Also click comment at the bottom of the post, and make the blog a bit more interactive, I know you guys who just read it, just take take take, hehe.


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