Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ray: A Worthwhile Loser

I watched RAY last night after it being recommended to me by a few people, and liking the little of Ray Charles music I had heard. As far as the film goes it had a few moments of nice cinematography and the childhood flash backs where effective, but passed being an ex media student the film said something else too. I didnt know much about Ray Charles Robinson's life before I watched the movie but it was full of hurt, bitterness, brokeness, serious drug abuse, and selfishness, and through much of the movie Ray Charles isnt somebody who you really like as you watch the movie. But he did something that was important, that was effective, 2 of his best moves where when he refused to play in Georgia and stood against the racial justice of his culture and the second was when he finally valued his family enough to beat his addiction to heroin. On Sunday, my friends stuart preached on Noah, who did amazing this for God and then got drunk and naked straight after, and seemingly messed it all up, samew with David that guy was "a man after Gods heart" as we always here, he wrote the psalms some of the most inspirational words of God ever inspired, but he was also the biggest sinner. I know I wont be perfect in this life, Ill probably hurt people, be selfish, and broken, and while Ill try not to be these things, Im comforted by the fact that God tends to use the screw ups to display his outrageous Grace.


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