Thursday, October 06, 2005

Church . co . uk and Steve Chalke

Well I may be well behind the times, but maybe I'll view myself as the blog that sweeps us the dust after the other "on the pulse" blogs speed ahead, but I just finished a book called the "Lost Message of Jesus" by Steve Chalke It was originally receommended to me by Miriam Hartley probably at least a year or two ago, but it passed me by, then all the cool blogs (pretty much the ones in the e-lationships tab on the right are the coolest blogs on the net!) got in on it, reviewed and argued about it, they even had a debate with around 1000 intelligent types in London around the book, well I kept up with all this through the most affluent (in blog posts at least) blog on the net TSK, here are his posts on the debate before and after Anyway back on track, the book is a really inspiring read, and nothing in it hit my "heresy" alarm, if I even have one that is, so a short good read that has a nice bit of referance to scholarship and provides a really helpful new look at the character of Jesus and the implications for us. Buy it from PLAY, they have the best price but are out of stock so you have to be willing to wait or from Amazon, who always have everything as long as you want to pay postage. If anyone who has read it wants to....leave comment on what you thought about the book. Also the church Steve Chalke is involved in which I gleam is called is unsurprisingly also found at and has a very nice little webpage, and a typepad blog thats down right now! Anyway let me know what you think


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