Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Back in Cornwall

Well Ive been blog silent for a while, basically because Ive been computerless, Ive packed up my room in aberdeen and stored it up in st combs. Im even borrowing an internet connection at Sam's House to write this post! So Ive not been blogging, or replying to emails I hope no one is getting too angry. Swift as the very wind through my hair update: - Worked in the Church for a week, which was GREAT!...making Videos on Premiere - Stayed with the girls which was equally awesome, and I am eternally indebted to them for their endless hospitality - Flew back to Cornwall, Saw Family, now seeing friends, drinking lots of coffee, etc - My Mums wedding on Saturday, should be a "fun for all the family" event - Turns out, Im speaking at Church down here in cornwall and doing a little worship so that will be cool - Get to stay with my 2nd Brilliant family the Gillespies which Im muchos excited about - Then flying back to Manchester, then flying top "Philly" sorry just wanted to call it that thanks to my upbringing on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air... - Going to Mexico which will be great read the last post for info. - God was Awesome and provided all the money for Mexico, Thanks to peeps who gave and offered. Bless y'all not sure when Ill be back in full time blogging but Ill try and keep stuff moving at least once a week while I dont have a computer, and you never know there maybe Mexico updates with photos and all that Jazz...oOOO!


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