Friday, October 07, 2005

I know, I know

I know, New title seriously required but you see the problem is photoshop and the internet are never on the same PC at the moment, maybe I just need to blow my overdraft and pick up a G5 Powerbook but then I dont think that would be so wise. So Yep I know its not Summer 05 but hey Im doing the best I can here!.. ..Life is busy and draining me right now, but Im not gonna die or anything so nobody start making any gravestones quite yet! Also Im being bored to death reading a 20 page article and underlining stuff on Orientalism, which isn't my choice subject, although it can be quite interesting. No inspiring musings today apart from something that Im living through right now that is summed up well in the book i spoke about in the post yesterday, and so i'll leave you with this thought: Willard Waller, an American Sociologist, spent his life studying people in order to gain an understanding of the complex interplay that goes on in human relationship. Though he wrote many research papers, his life's work can be summed up in two simple statements: 1. In any relationship one persons loves more than another. 2. The Person who loves the least in any relationship has the most power and conversly the person who loves most has least power.


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