Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Early Bird and great blogging

Well this is just a blogging testimony to either my insanity or my commitment to my degree (Im inclined to think insanity) But I left my house in St Combs at 3:50am this morning to take some friends to Dyce Airport in Aberdeen, to go on a boot camp at metro ministries in New York, I was really excited for them, to read more about the boot camp go here. Straight after sropping them off Ive come into Uni...Ive got crazy amounts of coursework to do just now, so thats keeping me pretty busy, but not too busy I cant blog it seems. Anyway I was checking out the blogosphere for a minuite and read my friend Arlen's last 3 posts, which are amazing for me to read this morning...I love the quote from Teresa of Avila and the 4 pieces of Advice to Christians from Ghandi. Wayda Blog Arlen..


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