Friday, October 28, 2005

Cheap Amazon Bibles & Short thoughts on Pslam 63

Psalm 62:11-12 (New International Version - UK) 11One thing God has spoken, two things have I heard: that you, O God, are strong, 12 and that you, O Lord, are loving..."
The NIV often gets knocked as a translation, but it really is the workhorse translation of the bible. Ive been told all over the place that the best a literal translation is the NASB, so now my old NIV-UK is literally falling apart, with duct tape on the covers and curled edges and decided I would pick something up to use in lectures.
So I found these two very cheap gems on amazon and thought they were so cheap Id pick up the hardback and the paperback. I just recieved the hardback seperatly although only paid one shipping charge (Amazon obviously want to get on the right side of me for some reason) and Ive been assured the paperback is on its way. But altogether the hardback cost me £5.02 (incl. shipping) Uber cheap for an NASB as you only seem to be able to find them as crazy huge study bibles in A3 and for £40. So needless to say Im pleased to find such a cheap source of bibles. The new bible is (as Im told as this is actually only my second workhorse bible Ive ever bought) much different in layout to my old NIV, but Im sure Ill get used to it, another thing I didnt realise is that it has a concordance as well. Blow me down!
Anyway onto Psalm 63, as you can see Ive quoted it there in the NIV - UK as a little tribute to my old bible, and the fact that the translations seem fairly different of this verse. But I really like this one.
I love how this is worded because for me, it sums up the way in which God speaks to me so well, and I really empathise with the writers (probably David) expression, I just lack the eloquence.
"Two things you have spoken, one I have heard"
God so often transcends our logic, in fact I dont know that he ever fits into our logic. When his spirit comes it brings freedom through revelation, revelation of who God is, and very often for me, when I cry out to him, or even when I worship him from a seemingly firmer place, his prescence speaks to me that he is strong and that he is loving.


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