Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lost, creating community or escapism

A new event has begun in our house, for the last week, everynight, I mean everynight a group of, no lets jump back. A while back in Relevant I read about a TV show in the states called "LOST", well we dont have a TV so even when it did come over to the UK I thought I was missing out on what seemed to be a really interesting show. So when we got our nice Wifi 2MB Internet connection installed, I thought Id get hold of the pilot episode. It was really good, it presses all my buttons in terms of TV shows, it has a great social dimension, it comments on wider society, looks at human nature, great cinematogprahy, very intelligent plot line, good directing. Well Im only a few episodes in so it might turn bad but just now Im loving it. Im on to Series 1 episode 6. Its also turning out to be a great social event, being the highlights of most of our days, whether were working in cafe's, doing admin at church, living on a bus to Uni, or working at a furniture store...there is hope, in the LOST episode at the end of the day. Now I if I was to analyze this too hard, Im sure Id say we escape our safe western lives in the evening and live an adventure through the computer screen. Your right maybe Ill just retreat from that pessimistic view and realise its just good harmless fun. Anyway, at this point I well recommend LOST, a thought provoking drama!


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