Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Craigs getting healed

Thanks for all your prayers as you can read below Craig's appointment went really well, Please keep praying for his continual healing...he's the man! Hey y'all,

Good news guys! I don't need to get the operation. They are pretty satisfied with my nerve recovery.

I had two appointments today. One with my physio who is in charge of regenerating my nerve and an ear/nerve specialist. The physio hooked me up to her machine and it read all of my nerves power and showed that there has been a marked improvement since she game me this electrode maching to use everyday for an hour(known as the iPod in my family) My nerves function was sitting at 6.8% and now it's upto 37.6%. In regeneration terms..... that's awesome for just 4months physio! The scary thing was that the ear/nerve specialist had booked me into to get the operation last week. I felt abit worried that he wanted to do an operation before he had all the medical facts. Kinda got me thinking......... what the snot?!!

My ear is looking good and he is pleased with it, no infection or anything. I'm getting a tiny gold weight put into my eye lid to help it close tighter to protect my eye though. That's a piece of cake, in and out in light 10mins, no need to get knocked out or anything. Woohoo!

So all in all it's been a great day. Thanks for all your prayers. Big up G!!


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