Saturday, November 19, 2005

Before I go to bed tonight

I have somewhat of a technological bombshock for all you geeks out there. I just entered the world of MAC. I am officially a switcher (what they call people who switch from Windows to Mac) but fear not my Bill Gates related friends, My home desktop still runs Windows XP (never mind that it crashes every 5 seconds!) So I may be looking at running into some compatibility issues here. Anyway I'm very excited and its very nice, I'm sure to be , as blogging a lot more in the near future with it too, as I'm going to try out the highly acclaimed EctoBlog offline blog editor for Mac (even though they tried a Windows version) and also Wifi in Starbucks, Airports etc! How did I end up with a mac....well due to their simply brilliant marketing and product design I've really like them, I also have played with a few in the past months and really enjoyed them, namely Scott Gibsons and Careen McRoberts, and they were since and just in my price budget. Quietly pleased with my new technology What I was really looking forward to (in order than I didn't have to go through the paradigm shift I'm currently experiencing) was an IBM 12" Laptop but they were just too over priced. So I had a trawl through the halls of eBay for an apple, and here we go, I'm typing on my 12" iBook right now!!! I'm also pretty stoked that I didn't get completely ripped off, its given me much more faith in the eBay process (which was jolted when the postage for some items I sold were more than the whole sale!...gutting) OH, I had intended to fill this with links to the respective fokes, and companies but it looks like Safari (Apple's version of Internet Explorer) dosent support some of the functions on Blogger WYSIWYG editor. So for now just a couple of complimetary pictures IMG_6135.JPG


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