Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Pray for Craig

I read this on Craigs MySpace today, and you can only get to it if your a member of myspace so I thought Id put it up on here so you can all pray for my good friend that he would get 100% better and be able to get on with living life!

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Well, tomorrow is judgement day for me. I find out if I have to get another operation on my ear tomorrow. Most of you all know the recent carrying on i've had in hospital of late. My facial nerve isn't recovering so well and it is bringing up the question of "will it ever regain any function without an operation?"

For those of you who don't know the whole story. I basically had a tumour like growth behind my ear and it wrapped itself around my facial nerve and squeezed the hell out of it until it got badly damaged. I didn't have any symptoms of this, so it got picked up by chance. I was really lucky as it eventually developes into brain disease. The effects of the damage is that the right side of my face is only functioning at about 10-20% causing me to look like quazimodo! hehehe.

I'm seeing the specialist tomorrow who says he can to a nerve transplant by going through me ear. (I didn't know you could do that, but you can) The specialist takes a nerve from my neck, cuts out the damaged part of the nerve in my face and slaps in the new piece. Apparently, the nerve gap left in the neck means i'll lose slight feeling for a short time because it will regenerate itself, whereas my facial nerve is beyond the regeneration stage.

So guys, can you keep me in your prayers tomorrow. I'd rather swim with sharks whilst being nibbled at by parranas in a lake of lava than go into hospital again. I hate the place. I'll update you all when I get home tomorrow. Peace out. Leave your comments for him


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