Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Questions for mac Blogger/users

I’ve spent the morning moving Photos and music over to my iBook (see last post). I looked everywhere yesterday for a 12” laptop case and couldn’t find anything at your regular outlets like PC world or Dixon’s but found one in John Lewis in Aberdeen which I wasn’t expecting at all, I always though John Lewis was really overpriced but it was good value and they had a monopoly (in that they were the only outlet to sell them) in 12” notebook cases. While I was in their computer section I also saw that they kept a really healthy stock of Macs, some absolute beasts, probably at RRP of apple.com too! So anyway a few requests today for the replies, I got a great comment from Andy over at Servant Blog – to all nations which recommending Mac journal as a good offline blog editor, well I’m going to check it out today along with ecto blog which is endlessly appraised by Andrew at TSK. Anybody got any other good ideas? I know I’m slack not to just use the WYSIWYG editor but Ill probably be doing a good bit of blogging on the bus these days. Also what are the mac places to be online so to speak, I know there are loads of sites like mac user etc. But what’s the one to keep an eye on? Also anyone who has Mac OSX know of any really handy widgets for the dashboard? Sorry all you non Mac users you can click back into reality now. Listening to U2 – Vertigo Just as Im leaving I LOVE this line “Your Love is teaching me how to kneel” PS Im posting this trying out ecto, quite impressed though noticed the website says they ar having some problems posting to blogger...well im not finding any yet!


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