Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Byrnesys News Round up

Can you tell by my major blogging that I got a new piece of blogging software and a new RSS Client! -> UK cinemas enjoy box office high: More people went to UK and Ireland cinemas last weekend than at any point in the last 20 years, a trade group says. Thats Crazy I didnt even realise there was anything good on! 24 Hr Alcohol Laws Pubs and clubs will be able to serve alcohol round the clock when new laws come into force at midnight. Controversially maybe, I dont think this is toomuch of a problem, I cant see it drastically increasing alcoholism as if your going to get Drunk you will just buy drinks before closing time!

Entire Governmental cabinet of Kenya dismissed! Kenya's president dismisses his entire cabinet after losing a referendum on a draft constitution. Well my politics days are over, but it dosen't take a political scientist to work out that this was major!

Also in non BBC news, my friends Rachel and Jane are driving up to Orkney for a trip to see Jane's Parents, heres hoping they dont get stuck in some blizzard on the way up to Scrabster.


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